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Mobizen 2 12 smexy Download

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Mobizen for PC is a desktop version of the service remote control for Android, and includes several advanced features from the web version.

Your phone WindowsKolkoto and large manufacturers insist on Android phones and Windows is not good. Yes, you can access files and photos via USB, but when these applications come as AirDroid Mobizen system. Mobizen lets you use your Android on Windows, as it is right in front of you, with the help mishkata.Razbira, you can access music, photos and videos on your phone, fully bezzhichno.Tya includes an interesting feature that allows you to record the phone’s screen from a distance , It is ideal for creating tutorial or video while playing, but your phone must be strong enough to produce video and better.

Easy izpolzvaneMobizen bit more complicated than AirDroid, but not much. You must first create an account, then choose a PIN number, in order to improve gurnostta.Sega, sometimes it asks to install an additional support package, without elaborating what and why, or refuse to connect without prichina.Vav also clear, remote access functions quite well and without delay. Actually you can use your phone from Windows or even speak without very problemi. TeamViewer 8 8 FastDL Free Download Torrent
interfeys Mobizen is a floating window that looks like a phone. ElsaWin 5 2
You can move anywhere, but unfortunately, you can not change the size.

Android and Windows, more blizoBlagodarenie of Mobizen, the line between your phone with Windows will be a little thinner. It does not have additional features such as AirDroid for now, but see the remote screen works well.


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