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After a chance meeting, a heartbroken woman decides to confront his life and major events of her daughter stranded. Juliet (Emma Suarez) is a middle-aged woman in Madrid with her boyfriend Lorenzo. Both Portugal moves when you walk in a relaxed Bea, a former friend of his daughter Antia, who reveals that he is resident in Switzerland is married and has three children. Heartbroken after 12 years of total absence of cabelofilla Juliet cancel a trip to Portugal, and moved toHer mantanmembangun, hoping that one day Antia communicate to send a letter. Alone with his thoughts, she began to write his memoirs to face the pain of the events occurred when he was a teenager (Adriana Ugarte) and met John, fishing Galicia. Passionately about it, she divides her time between family, work and education to change lives Antia fatalsúas accident. Slowly fall into a depression, Juliet helped by anti-aircraft duties, but one day,suddenly disappeared after Antiapesta without a clue where to find . Moana 2016 kickass


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