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Buster Dapper months Koala is chaired Grand Theatre, which fell on hard times. Ever optimistic, and you little bastard, he wanted the theater above all and will do anything to save. Facing down his life’s ambition, he took one last chance Toback gem to its former glory fade with the production of singing competitions in the world. Five contenders emerge: mouse, elephant timid, pigs, gorillas and punk rock and porcupine.

Koala named Buster Moon has returntheater kraenmozhnostkejayaanwith production in the world’s biggest singing competition. Located in the world like ours, but it is fully populated with animals, Buster flexible Month Koala once chaired the Grand Theatre, which fell on hard times. Buster immortal, someYou might even say delusional-optimists who want the theater above all and will do anything to save. Now faces the collapse of his life’s ambition, he has one last chance to restore faded gems to sing The former productionslavasothepersaingan in the world.

Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) is a widow, a child psychologist who lived in isolation in rural Maine. terrible car accident that killed her husband also left her stepdaughter 18 years Stephen (Charlie Heaton) in the state of bedcatatonic, leaving it entirely dependent on it. When one young patient Portman disappeared without a trace, he became convinced that (Jacob Tremblay) the spirit of the child at home as a dangerous ice stormdaopustoshat starting out.


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